Thursday, January 7, 2010 far I have gone down in flames with this No Spend Challenge. Just how in the world to people only spend what is necessary? I know that necessary means different things to different but..............I love magazines-I mean LOVE them. Do I actally try the recipes in them? Nope!!! Do I decorate like them? Nope!
I read the blogs where someone stops their discretionary spending for like 6 months to a year and I am in awe of them!!!

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  1. My husband and I get a cash allowance every Friday. We can spend it on whatever we like (Starbucks, save it for whatever, a magazine or a movie, etc), but we do not swipe the debit card for anything that does not benefit both of us. It gives us equal buying power (he can go to lunch with the guys every week, and I can save for new shoes or scrapbooking supplies), and keeps us in a budget. It works great for us and helps keep our "discretionary spending" in check.