Friday, January 8, 2010

If any of you follow Beeb @, you will see that she is a coupon queen in the best sense of the word. That girl rocks. A short time ago she participated in the All You Grocery Challenge, where you spend $25.00 a week per person for a month and see how creative you can get with your meals, and ALL meals fall under these amounts.So...............................
I am considering doing my own challenge, $25.00 a week per person which for us would be $50.00 total. Now to only spend $50.00 for ALL meals a week in my opinion takes careful planning and shopping.
Wish me luck as I try this and I will give updates!!!


  1. Sounds like a tough challenge but a good one to try! I've been trying to think of a good price cap to put on the groceries...I like 25pp! ;) Diana

  2. I can't believe someone actually responded to one of my posts!!!!! Thank you so very much. I had almost given up hope.

  3. Oh, you are so sweet! Thanks for the shout-out and good luck to you in your own challenge!