Thursday, January 7, 2010

How many of you clip coupons, mail in rebates, buy in bulk etc?????? I tend to clip coupons but then, either leave them at home when needed or they expire. Please give your best hints/advice.

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  1. Hey there! I think I tried to view your blog months ago but it wouldn't load for me. Anyhow, when I lived in Raleigh I clipped coupons every Sunday. I had a big binder that I'd put them in, and while I loaded them I'd take out everything that was expired. I left the binder in the car unless I was making a grocery list, and then I'd take out the coupons to use that week and put them in an envelope in the front of the binder. It takes discipline to learn, but it can be done! Start by only clipping coupons for things you actually buy and skipping the ones for things you "might" helps to not overwhelm you!