Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday lunch

today we split a small pork medallion, then we had some squash, zuccini(sp?), and onions that were put on the grill, plus 1 small slice of 100% whole wheat bread(with less sugar). It was pretty good. We used to have casseroles that were tasty but not good for us. It is hard to make yourself to eat veggies with no melted cheese or loaded with cream of mushroom/chicken soup.

Trying to jump start this blog

I know there are tons of frugal blogs out there and for sure I am no expert. Now throw in a big monkey wrench like my dh being diagnosed with diabetes this month and saving money on stuff like groceries takes a big turn. Now, let's face it, many coupons are for processed foods, or junk food like chips-which I love love love. Rarely do I see anything for fresh produce and now that is what we have to purchase more of. So................we have been to the farmer's market the past 2 Sundays after church. Purchased items such as blueberries, apples, squash, zuchini, new potatoes. We spend less there because we are not purchasing in bulk but buying what we think we will be able to eat in a relatively short time. I know, I know bulk buying is one of the core things with frugality but we have a tendency to let produce go bad. Hopefully by buying less, we will actually get to eat it before it goes bad.
What do you guys think?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Well, I have not done so well with the $25 per person grocery challenge. $50 really does not go that far at the grocery store. I constantly go back and forth as to what to do.
Part of my predicament is I am soooooooooo very interested in livinga Franciscan lifestyle and I am NOT Catholic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go figure. Franciscans live a simple life in ALL areas..................from the clothes they wear to what they drive, where they live, what they spend etc..............
I like to read Donna Freedman's articles on MSN Moneycentral. She really knows how to make a dollar scream. She lived on $12000.00 a year for a few years while she was attending school. Just think about it only $12000.00 a year by yourself!!! No one to lean on.
So tell me, any of you guys out there doing something similar?

Friday, January 8, 2010

If any of you follow Beeb @, you will see that she is a coupon queen in the best sense of the word. That girl rocks. A short time ago she participated in the All You Grocery Challenge, where you spend $25.00 a week per person for a month and see how creative you can get with your meals, and ALL meals fall under these amounts.So...............................
I am considering doing my own challenge, $25.00 a week per person which for us would be $50.00 total. Now to only spend $50.00 for ALL meals a week in my opinion takes careful planning and shopping.
Wish me luck as I try this and I will give updates!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

How many of you clip coupons, mail in rebates, buy in bulk etc?????? I tend to clip coupons but then, either leave them at home when needed or they expire. Please give your best hints/advice.
So................just when I start considering a car fund, guess what? My husband heard a noise of some sort on the way home from work. We've paid so munch money the last few months due to my medical expenses, this has the potential to be yet another expense!!!!! It always seems to be something big around here lately. far I have gone down in flames with this No Spend Challenge. Just how in the world to people only spend what is necessary? I know that necessary means different things to different but..............I love magazines-I mean LOVE them. Do I actally try the recipes in them? Nope!!! Do I decorate like them? Nope!
I read the blogs where someone stops their discretionary spending for like 6 months to a year and I am in awe of them!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cold Saturday morning

The Canes play the Rangers today. I sure hope we win, this season so far has been a diseaster. NO one seems to know what the problem is. The team is basically the same as last year's Eastern Conference finals team. Oh well.................
It's so cold this morning. I need to go to Target and I hope I don't go wild spending money.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Spending for January 1, 2010

$40.00 @ the Hibernian-we had sandwiches and each of us had a pint of Irish beer
%5.82 @ Krispy Kreme-we each got 2 doughnuts and watched skaters at the outside rink in downtown Raleigh. Didnt stay very long because it was cold and I did not have a good coat to keep warm on. is 2010!!! Happy New Years to everyone!! Do you have any goals, resolutions or guidelines you want to achieve or follow this year? Will you actually follow through or go down in flames?
Me?..............for sure I need to get my finances in order, but most importantly, get my life in order. Do any of you feel this way? I think my finances would be better if my life was. By that I mean, putting God first then family then everthing else follows.
........................What does this mean? My main goal is to put my Lord first in my life and meet with him daily. Get some type of physical activity daily, I need to lose some major poundage!!!!And I seriously considering a No Spend Challenge. For how long? I don't know, but if I lose weight I will have to spend some $$ for new clothes.
What about trying to consume less goods that come packaged in plastic? What about trying to include more organic and locally grown foods? What about living a more intentional simple lifestyle? A more mercyful life? There are so many things I want to do, ways to live and I want to do them all. How 'bout you?